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Introducing the New

March 9, 2012


We’ve given a much-needed makeover. It’s cleaner. It’s more timely. It’s got personality.

Click thru and you’ll see immediately that the site looks different—a lot more like our vibrantly redesigned print edition and tablet app. But the changes are more than just cosmetic. We’ve better captured the essence of the brand and adjusted it to be more suitable for the web. Every hour of every day we’re offering web-exclusive analysis of the business stories that matter most.

It’s no surprise that when people view content on the web, they expect it to be fresh and relevant in terms of “what’s happening at this very moment.” From economics editor Peter Coy explaining each development out of Greece, to tech ace Brad Stone finding the meaning behind the iPad 3, all of our reporters, writers, and editors are devoted to bringing you exclusive information and expertise in real-time. In addition, we’ll continue to feature the breaking news stories and data from Bloomberg that you’ve come to expect on

There’s also more video, more photography, and more of our rich info-graphics, too. We have more editorial flexibility to tell stories in the way they should be told, which ultimately also benefits the advertising experience. (Note: Accenture, CME Group, Columbia University, Microsoft, Oppenheimer, Panasonic, and Verizon are the lead sponsors for the launch.)

We hope you enjoy the changes we’ve made. Please remember that the new site has a slight ramp up period. As continues to grow and evolve, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Paul Maya, global head of and