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Immersion Marketing

June 30, 2014

They say the best way to learn a language is immersion. At Bloomberg, we take that same approach to brand. When I joined Bloomberg five years ago, I began an immersive brand experience, learning it from the inside out. From the minute I stepped through the doors, I entered a vibrant environment humming with information and innovation.

From the offices to the businesses built within it, Bloomberg has always been a brand leader. Take Bloomberg Headquarters; 1,400,000 square feet of space laid out in an open, trade-floor environment to take advantage of the thoughtful marriage of employee ingenuity and the data, news, and analysis we provide our clients. As one employee put it, “You can sense the energy; it’s like seeing the blood flow of the thinking of the company.” (BBC VIDEO)

Similarly founded in the entrepreneurial spirit of Bloomberg, Marketing was established in 2008 to extend brand awareness from the inside out. Our mandate was to reach customers and prospects with relevant products and services, differentiate our offerings, and drive customer preference. Just as our businesses have expanded to reach a wider range of customers – from the financial elite, to business decision makers, to government officials around the world – our role in marketing and building the Bloomberg brand has continued to evolve.

Under Maureen McGuire’s leadership we’ve become an international inter-disciplinary function comprised of industry and marketing experts. Using a combination of art and science to deliver targeted experiences for our audience, they create engagements that leave them better informed to make influential decisions.

As CMO, I hope to continue this great tradition of brand experiences with a focus on leveraging content, design and technology. I’m thrilled to build on our success and continue growing our offerings as the company expands globally and across industries. I hope you will follow our progress on Bloomberg Now, the storytelling platform we created to tell all of our stories. It’s a simple way to immerse yourself from time to time in our company.

Contributed by Deirdre Bigley, Chief Marketing Officer of Bloomberg L.P.