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Hundreds of thousands of subscribers convert to Bloomberg NEXT

July 9, 2012

No one likes change, so we wondered how our customers would respond to Bloomberg NEXT, one of the biggest redesigns of the Bloomberg Professional service in 30 years.  We wanted to explain to our clients face-to-face what we adjusted and why.  Over the past 10 months, we hosted a series of events around the world and called or met with more than 210,000 clients in over 200 cities.

The reaction? More than 310,000 subscribers to the Bloomberg Professional service have now been turned on to Bloomberg NEXT and more than 60 percent of them are using the service more than ever before, in new and different ways.  Clients have called the new design “intuitive,” “seamless,” “fast” and “indispensable.”

Bloomberg NEXT is the result of the work of more than 3,000 technologists, who spent countless hours to enhance  discoverability, uniformity and workflow, allowing our clients to tap into Bloomberg’s extensive resources faster and easier.

The success of Bloomberg NEXT was the result of two key factors.  First, the redesign of the Bloomberg Professional service was based on direct feedback from our clients globally.  Second, the new version meets a crucial market need — giving clients greater insights into the interconnectedness and complexity of today’s financial marketplace.  For example, the new function FFM<GO> gives a brief overview of the top three issues of the day and clients who want more information can drill down further to get more details. So, with Bloomberg NEXT, our clients can get a general overview or in-depth details on any subject across all asset classes.

Domenic Maida, global head of the Bloomberg Professional service.