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June 23, 2011

Let’s start off by saying that some of you are not going to like what we are about to write:
The Noir version of (, which launched in 2006, is no longer accessible. There were prominent messages on the Noir site providing advance notice of this change.

We know Noir has passionate fans, and we maintained it until we were able to incorporate (in a single view) all of the data and news you loved into the new site. This view lives in a new tab called “Quick.” It features data including stock indexes and world markets as well as headlines in one place, just like Noir.

We know it’s not the black background some of you are used to, but you can expect us to continue delivering the best news and data so you can get what you need in the least amount of time.

We realize change is hard. We hope you’ll embrace it, and we encourage you to check out Quick at

The Team