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The Future is Now: How “real-time” is moving to the next level

August 13, 2014

In today’s global financial marketplace, trading firms are building increasingly sophisticated models and strategies in order to gain a competitive edge. Algorithmic trading now covers all asset classes across all geographies and is supporting a much broader range of use cases. This reality is placing a huge burden on trading firms who need increasingly diverse data sets of the very highest quality to service their complex business needs. Historically these traders had to make a trade-off between low latency narrow focused data and more comprehensive higher quality data sets. That trade-off no longer needs to exist.

To meet the capital markets’ need for speed combined with data quality and coverage, financial data providers, such as Bloomberg, are  investing in real-time market data technologies to help  clients keep up with the rapid pace of trading. Recently, Bloomberg launched a ticker plant facility in Toronto in order to enhance connectivity to Canadian exchanges and deliver a faster B-PIPE service, Bloomberg’s real-time market data feed, to those regional customers and institutional investment firms globally. With the ticker plant, which is a facility co-located in the Markham data center in Toronto, Bloomberg is able to access data from the local exchanges, and consolidate and re-format this data locally to distribute to B-PIPE customers at a rate 71 percent faster than previously available.

Bloomberg’s Enterprise Solutions team continues to invest in technology and developer resources that help build and deploy smarter, sharper, real-time technologies. We’ve also augmented our R&D staff this year by more than 20 percent. We balance the efforts of our new teams to improve infrastructure, research new technologies, and deliver specific enhancements to help our clients.

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View of Lake Ontario and Toronto city skyline, Canada