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For the Love of the Game

June 13, 2014

The FIFA World Cup captures the attention of football fans around the world for one month every four years. Bloomberg is driving global coverage and analysis of the spectacle from countless angles. Teamwork is the name of this game.

“Collaboration on the World Cup across many Bloomberg platforms is invaluable given the high convergence of interest between business and sports,” says Bill Squadron, who leads sports product business and strategy for BSports. “It is never higher than around the World Cup, the world’s biggest sporting event.”

For World Cup junkies, Bloomberg has you covered. Here’s a sampling:
* Reports on the intersection of the tournament and finance on Bloomberg News, (including, and Bloomberg Television

* Predictions and models by BSports and Visual Data

It’s the job of the Cross-Platform Team, led by Susan Kish, to seamlessly connect every Bloomberg World Cup outlet without overlap or duplication of efforts. Kish initiated the coverage roundup at a meeting on May 9 involving just 10 employees. The number of participants soon ballooned to more than 80 around the world, who share information at weekly meetings and on a World Cup-focused bulletin board on the terminal. This close collaboration allows team members to develop stories as they unfold, access legal and marketing resources, and slide-tackle problems when they arise.

Jay Beberman, managing editor of sports coverage for Bloomberg News, says that the many exclusive stories by Bloomberg News on the tournament have been the direct result of collaborative, multi-team efforts from the likes of sports, commodities, Speed Desk, and emerging markets News teams, as well as Markets and Businessweek magazines.

Meanwhile, Marketing’s creative director Damian Totman helps spread the word about Bloomberg’s offerings. For instance, the new Bloomberg Hub at London City Airport provides travelers with up-to-the-minute information on what’s happening in Brazil, so they don’t miss a beat when moving between business meetings.

An infographic from our Visual Data team showing the spider web of collaboration at Bloomberg would be helpful, but they have bigger projects at hand, including the World Cup 2014 Predictions & Results interactive tool, which – spoiler alert – says Brazil has the best chance of winning it all this year. (A day before kickoff the site had more than 3.8 million views.)

Squadron notes that the predictions made by the BSports team could not have come to fruition without some good old-fashioned teamwork.

“The cooperation with and other platforms has been very smooth and effective. We’ve had a small team working on our projections engine and algorithms for about six months, and that – along with our analytics-driven articles, rankings and other content – really showcases the innovative and pioneering way in which Bloomberg is applying technology to sports,” says Squadron.
So go ahead, get your head in the game. You can’t say we didn’t prepare you.

More of Bloomberg’s World Cup output:
* Content at the London City Airport hub and all over the world;
* Bloomberg View and the QuickTake team have created content as well.
* Mobile is featuring special channels with curated video.