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Expansion Into the Vast World of Commodities

June 23, 2014

From lean hogs to gold, the world of commodities is as vast as the world around us. On July 1, Bloomberg will take control of UBS’s leading commodity index, a diversified index that provides investors with exposure to the most widely followed commodities in the world. The index will be renamed from the “Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Index” to the “Bloomberg Commodity Index”.

With Bloomberg assuming management of the index, investors can now have broad commodity exposure with an index that is governed, calculated, distributed and licensed by the world’s leading provider of financial data.

To illustrate the importance of commodities, and how the materials and resources in each asset class are accessed by investors every day, see the below infographic. To learn even more about the Bloomberg Commodities Index Family, please go to or INDEX<GO> on the Bloomberg Professional service.