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Bloomberg and the MIT Media Lab: Partnering on Innovation

May 16, 2014

The MIT Media Lab’s “Conversations” series recently hosted Chairman Peter Grauer, Head of R&D Vlad Kliatchko and CTO Shawn Edwards for a wide ranging, engaging discussion about Bloomberg’s role as a technology leader. The conversation lasted nearly 90 minutes, so we’ve condensed some of the highlights to provide a quick glimpse.

The MIT Media Lab – which has more than 25 research groups working on more than 350 research projects — was founded in 1985 by MIT Professor Nicholas Negroponte and the late Jerome Wiesner (former science advisor to President John F. Kennedy and former President of MIT). The creation of the Lab stemmed from the anticipation of an inevitable convergence of computing, publishing, and broadcast that would be fueled by changes in the communications industry.

With an emphasis on disruptive technology, today the Media Lab focuses on the study, invention, and creative use of digital technologies to enhance the ways that people think, express, and communicate ideas, and explore new scientific frontiers. And, Bloomberg is proud to be a Media Lab member.

Our engagement with the MIT Media Lab is spearheaded by the Bloomberg Cross-Platform Team lead by Susan Kish.

Says Andrew Paprocki, Bloomberg R&D: “We are actively engaged with the Media Lab – its students, professors and researcher projects – because we feel the dynamic environment and innovation at the Lab maps to the forward-looking ideas and efforts going on at Bloomberg. As well, we are able to engage some of the brightest technological minds on the specific, unique challenges that we face every day and are able to tap into their ability to help us create new fascinating solutions.”

Visit the MIT Media Lab for more information on their research projects.