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Client Data Practices:
A Six Month Update

February 27, 2014

Last August, we released the results of two reviews relating to our company’s client data practices and the relationship between our editorial operation and our commercial businesses. Although these reviews found that we have appropriate client data policies and controls in place, we undertook a series of actions, many based on the recommendations in the reviews, to enhance the integrity and confidentiality of our client data. Six months later, we are providing an update on our progress, which can be found at RVWS<GO> on the Bloomberg Professional service and online at

Our efforts over the past several months have been designed to serve three key objectives. First, to maintain and enhance a strong culture of data protection. Second, to ensure that our editorial operations live up to their high standards and address areas where standards and practices may need to be revisited in a changing environment. Third, to apply the same spirit of innovation to data protection that we have brought to the building of our products and services.

We also made the decision to adopt every recommendation from the August reports, and 66 of these recommendations have now been completed. The remaining recommendations are largely scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.

Contributed by Dan Doctoroff, Chief Executive Officer and President of Bloomberg L.P.