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BVAULT: Creating Solutions for a Changing Regulatory Environment

March 6, 2014

The volume of communications data has grown exponentially – which means companies need to continuously find ways to remain compliant with government regulations across all communications channels, whether it be via social media, email or any other form of Web or mobile engagement.

At Bloomberg, we’ve built a fully hosted, managed service, called “Bloomberg Vault,” that allows secure storage, real-time compliance monitoring, retrieval of massive amounts of data and analytics. It has been adopted by more than 700 enterprises, processing more than 200 million daily messages and archived more than 80 billion objects that represent several petabytes of archived and searchable data.

The challenge for companies to be able to respond to time-sensitive requests from compliance officers isn’t going away any time soon. And, in fact, the requests range from searching and extracting several years of archived data, to retrieving a single e-mail from a particular point in time.

Not familiar with Bloomberg Vault? Here’s a helpful view of the product and its capabilities. If you’re interested in a deeper look at its architecture and/or a recent experiment we did with multi-tenant search using the Bloomberg Clustered Private Cloud, click here.