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Bloomberg Internship: Building A New Feature From Scratch

January 15, 2016


To share more about the Bloomberg internship experience and what it means to be an intern here, Aaron Podell, former intern now full-time employee in Engineering at Bloomberg tells his story.

I expected to be assigned to fix some bug for my team during my internship at Bloomberg. But instead, I was tasked with rebuilding an entire function virtually from scratch. When I say function, it’s a tool with a specific use on the Bloomberg Professional® service (the Terminal). The project was mine to own. Along with guidance from my manager and a few co-workers, we created something entirely new. I had the ability to make design decisions from my very first day, including things as fundamental as which programming language to implement the whole project in.

This project involved incorporating a technology called FIX (Financial Information eXchange Protocol). It was something I had never heard of, and it was almost never used in the programming language (Python) I was working in. But my manager and mentor frequently fed me useful resources and they were always available whenever I hit a roadblock. In the end, we had a robust library which is still being used over a year and half later. It was one of the most incredible summers of my life.

The internship has taught me to confidently present my ideas and defend them to managers and teammates. I learned that people will take you as seriously as you take yourself. Even more importantly, I learned to let go of an idea no matter how attached I was when another, better idea was presented. This is a perfect example of how collaboration is encouraged at Bloomberg – and I know this sounds cliché, but after all, we are all playing for the same team.

Reflecting back, I am amazed at how much input I had and how I’ve grown professionally. I went to the University of Michigan Ann Arbor having never written a single line of code in my life, and changed my major to computer science only after taking an intro course my freshman year.

During my internship, I got to sit with my manager often times just brainstorming our visions for the product; this was easily one of the coolest parts of the internship. It completely caught me off guard and was a major reason as to why I came back full-time to continue this experience.

-Aaron Podell, Engineering, New York

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