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Bloomberg’s Breaking News Gets a Twitter Upgrade

May 22, 2012 has a redesigned “breaking news” module, complete with a Tweet button. Now, the second a story breaks, you have the ability to share it with your network.

It’s a given: Social media has changed the way the world gets its news. Chances are, by the time you’ve read a story on a web site or in the paper, the news has been floating around the Twittersphere for several hours.

As a breaking news organization, we understand the power of sharing news as it happens, and are constantly striving to deliver important stories to you faster. That’s why we’re excited to introduce this new feature that will not only help you get a jump on the news, but will put the power to broadcast it in your hands.

If the story in the “breaking news” module is already available online, we will provide you with a link. If it is still being written, you can send your followers to our homepage, which we’ll update with new information as we get it.

Mathew Yurow, Social Media Editor for Bloomberg News