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Bloomberg World Cup Visualization Mixes Predictions, Results & Match Analysis

May 29, 2014

World Cup Screenshot 2

Much of the world has spent the last month in a ritual countdown as we hurtle towards the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, set to kick off on June 12. The quadrennial soccer tournament promises to both shake up Brazil’s economy and rile up hundreds of thousands of football fanatics for a solid month.

While Paul the Octopus called the shots during the last go-around, fans have access to something better for this year’s tournament. Today, Bloomberg launched a data-driven World Cup product which is unlike anything else in the market. Fans will be able to get real-time visual snapshots of statistical projections and match analyses – all using Bloomberg Sports proprietary data and predictive modeling technology. And, they can create their own brackets and share them with friends. There’s no login, and did we mention it’s free?

World Cup Screenshot 1

There are four distinct features: the path of the tourney as predicted by Bloomberg Sports, a bracket that users and fans can fill in and share, match-by-match analysis and live-updating game results. (Coming soon: a tournament schedule usable in any time zone.)

The data visualizations will live in a special section on which will serve as a hub for all things World Cup. This includes news stories, photos, videos and more. As the Cup gets underway, be sure to check out the live updates.