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Bloomberg View Web Site Gets
a Brand New Look

March 14, 2014

Bloomberg View, the opinion site of Bloomberg News, has launched a redesign that highlights its stellar roster of columnists, the wide array of business, financial, political, and cultural topics it covers, and its role as a unique editorial brand within Bloomberg’s array of media properties.

“This updated website is the natural progression of our growth in the opinion space,” said Senior Executive Editor David Shipley. “Bloomberg View’s reach has grown steadily since our inception nearly three years ago, and the redesign mirrors our evolution toward a core group of columnists and editorialists exploring and defining the issues of the moment.”

The redesign allows for an engaging and visually appealing user experience, organizing content by topic and author and offering simple, intuitive navigation to promote discoverability. To reflect how readily the site offers analysis of breaking news and pivotal issues, its tile design updates regularly.

“We wanted to build a product that is as useful and easy to read on mobile as it is on the desktop,” said Timothy L. O’Brien, the publisher of Bloomberg View. “The redesign achieves that — and more — and we know it will deepen our relationship with our audience.”

The new site is styled to feel as dynamic and lightweight as an app, with a responsive design that scales seamlessly to any screen size, from mobile and tablet to desktop. It is meant to be used anywhere the View’s audience needs to find it and to make it easier for readers to share its journalism on all platforms, especially social media.

The site was designed by Schema, led by Christian Schmidt, and Bloomberg’s Global Head of Data Visualization Lisa Strausfeld. Bloomberg in-house staff, notably Daniel Hallac, Eric Schvimmer, and Brent Wood, oversaw the back-end development.

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