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Bloomberg unveils new U.S. Dollar Index

October 30, 2013

Today, Bloomberg Indexes unveiled the Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index, providing investors a new way to assess, trade or invest in the value of the dollar against major global currencies. We also announced that WisdomTree Investments, an exchange-traded fund (ETF) provider and asset manager, is the first to license the index as a benchmark for ETFs.

The dollar is a critical measure for investors, traders and policy makers and our index provides a new way to measure the strengths and weakness of the dollar in the global economy. Ten currencies are represented in the Index including leading U.S. trading partners from emerging markets such as China, South Korea and Mexico, as well as the highly liquid Australian dollar, which are absent from other existing benchmarks. This provides a dynamic, more accurate representation of today’s global trade flows and liquidity.

For more than a decade, Bloomberg has provided index analytics and calculations as part of our financial information services offerings. The indexes we provide for investors, traders, product and ETF issuers today are developed to meet our clients’ and the overall market’s need for transparent, independent and global indexes in the fixed income, commodity and currency markets. Our index data and analytics are available to all of our Bloomberg Professional service subscribers and we also provide index information on our website.

To learn more about Bloomberg Indexes and today’s announcement watch this video with the head of Bloomberg Indexes, Srikant Dash: