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Bloomberg TV’s ASEAN Momentum

December 5, 2012

Bloomberg’s state-of-the-art broadcast studio in Singapore is testament to our commitment to Southeast Asia. Launched last week, it will help boost our coverage of an ever-evolving and exciting region — more commonly known as ASEAN. We have certainly come a long way since I started to report on ASEAN a decade ago at Bloomberg TV, not surprising given its continued growth, increasing influence on global markets and a more prominent voice.

Over the last 10 years, I have interviewed numerous government officials, CEOs, bankers and newsmakers based in or traveling through the 10 nations that make up ASEAN. Key financial and political stories include how the region’s prospects are attracting overseas companies and Japan’s foreign direct investment in ASEAN surpassing that of China. The shifting political climate in Myanmar, the anti-government clashes in Thailand, President Barack Obama’s first visit to Asia have all made headlines. Having been at the heart of market makers driving the ASEAN transformation, I can say that there is truly no better time to tell the ASEAN story than today.

Take Malaysia. It’s home to two of the three biggest IPOs in the world this year, Felda and IHH. It is expected to achieve GDP growth of at least 5% in 2012, at a time when the Eurozone succumbs to a recession for the second time in four years. Neighboring Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam have grown faster than expected driven by private consumption and government spending. These have all prompted the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to say that ASEAN is “emerging resilient from a period of global turmoil, with rising investment domestic consumption that will propel growth in coming years.”

So as ASEAN emerges as a bright spot amidst the global economic climate, Bloomberg TV’s ramped up coverage of the region is timely. Bloomberg TV is delivering more local content that is fast, accurate and market-moving. We recently interviewed ousted Thai premier Thaksin Shinawatra, right here in our brand new studio in Singapore. And you can be sure to we’ll have more top newsmakers who will share perspectives and insights on the region, so stay tuned.

Bloomberg Television is now available to over 15 million households across 21 Asia Pacific countries.


Haslinda Amin, Bloomberg TV’s ASEAN news correspondent and anchor