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Bloomberg Launches Its Swap Data Repository

May 12, 2014

Today, Bloomberg’s swap data repository (SDR) became operational, serving as a centralized recordkeeping facility for interest rate, credit, foreign exchange, commodity and equity swaps transaction data.

Central reporting is one of the key pillars of Dodd-Frank regulation and an important step in helping regulators effectively monitor and mitigate risk in the derivatives market. By providing market participants with a cost effective solution to collect, store and publicly disseminate their multi-asset derivative trading data, Bloomberg helps to further enhance transparency and promote standardization in the $7 trillion swaps market.

Additionally, Bloomberg’s more than 320,000 subscribers can now access an aggregated feed from our SDR and other SDRs, along with surveillance tools to help them analyze swap trading activity. Bloomberg Professional service subscribers can access the aggregate SDR feed by typing SDR<GO> and can further analyze the data by typing SDRV<GO>.

To learn more about Bloomberg’s multi-asset class SDR click here.