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Bloomberg Launches Community-Supported Agriculture Program for Its New York Employees

August 11, 2011

Bloomberg is taking an active role in supporting the health of its employees while also supporting local farmers.

Bloomberg recently teamed up with Mountainview Farm in Easthampton, Massachusetts to bring the first-ever Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program to the New York office. Participating employees receive a weekly share of fresh produce during the farming season, as well as exposure to new vegetables and ways to prepare them.

This mutually beneficial program not only supports the local economy, but also gives employees access to better quality produce that is grown without chemicals and pesticides.

Additionally, CSA’s provide farmers with the advantage of getting paid early for their crop, not having to lose profits to a “middle man,” and the opportunity of getting to know their customers. Consumers have the benefit of knowing exactly where their food comes from, learning how their food is grown, and getting produce that is grown sustainably.

More information on Bloomberg’s sustainability initiatives can be found here.



Angela Martin leads communications for Bloomberg Sustainability