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Bloomberg Industries Casts New Light on Internet and Media

June 27, 2012

Yesterday, we formally announced Bloomberg Industries (BI), the first and only interactive, dynamically updated, industry research and data resource for business and financial professionals.

It’s hard to appreciate what BI can do without seeing the research, so I wanted to give Bloomberg’s online audience a look at two of our most popular reports about the media and Internet sector from the last quarter. While I’m partial to following this sector BI covers 9 others as well.

The TV Dial is Getting Crowded (April 2012)

BI’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications group examined the rise in online video content and the growing competition between cable, satellite, entertainment, telecom carriers, technology and software vendors. The growth in online video consumption is pushing Pay-TV vendors to grapple with new competitors to control content distribution.

Social Media Ad Spending Growth Could Trump All Online Ad Spending (June 2012)

BI’s Media team found that global social media ad spending will grow to $8.8 billion in 2014, up from $3.9 billion in 2011 (according to Zenith, one of more than 200 third party data contributors to BI). If social media ad spending nears $9 billion by 2014, that jump would represent double the growth rate projected for overall online ad spending in the same period. Amazing, considering social media advertising was virtually nonexistent five years ago.

BI does not calculate price targets or issue stock recommendations. It is designed to complement the work of equity research analysts, investment bankers, sales traders and corporate finance professionals who study data about industry trends and corporate financials.

BI is available for no additional cost to subscribers of the Bloomberg Professional service at               {BI <GO>}. You can also check out our website at for more information.

Paul Sweeney is the U.S. Director of Research for Bloomberg Industries as well as a Senior Analyst and Head of BI’s Media and Internet group. He covers the cable and satellite TV, Internet, entertainment, broadcasting, publishing and advertising industries.