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Bloomberg Global Poll: Merkel Winning Most with Investors in

September 22, 2010

  Bloomberg Global Poll: Merkel Winning Most with Investors in Poll on
  Business Policies

  Seventy Percent of Investors Rate Merkel as Favorable, up from Forty-Nine
                               Percent in June

Cameron Gets Sixty-Three Percent Approval Rating, up from Fifty-Two Percent in

Business Wire

NEW YORK -- September 22, 2010

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is enjoying soaring popularity among
investors, who say she has created a more favorable business climate than the
leader of any other major economy.

Merkel, 56, gets a favorability rating of 70 percent in a Bloomberg Global
Poll as she pushes budget cuts and revenue- raising initiatives to close a
deficit. That’s a turnaround from her 49 percent rating in the last quarterly
poll in June. She wins high marks in the European Union and even stronger
ratings in the U.S., according to the poll of 1,408 investors and analysts who
are Bloomberg subscribers.

Merkel’s U.K. counterpart, British Prime Minister David Cameron, 43, who has
also pursued budget cuts since taking office in May, is getting increased
backing from investors as well. The Conservative Party leader gets a favorable
rating of 63 percent globally, up from 52 percent in June.

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Almost a year after Merkel’s re-election during the economic crisis, 59
percent of poll respondents say they are optimistic that her policies are
creating a good investment climate in Germany. That’s followed closely by
Chinese President Hu Jintao, whose policies are viewed favorably by 58 percent
of those participating in the poll. Cameron’s policies are well-regarded by 50

Respondents are more sour on U.S. President Barack Obama, with a little more
than three in 10 (32%) saying they are optimistic about his policies. The
policies of French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Japanese Prime Minister Naoto
Kan were each viewed favorably by 27 percent.

The Bloomberg Global Poll was conducted Sept. 16-17 by Selzer & Co., a Des
Moines, Iowa-based company, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.6
percentage points.

In the U.S., Merkel wins a favorability rating of 74 percent in the Bloomberg
Global Poll and is more popular among U.S. investors than Federal Reserve
Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, who gets a favorability rating of 71 percent. In
Europe, 71 percent of respondents view her favorably, and in Asia her approval
rating is 60 percent.

Cameron’s Conservative-led coalition government unveiled an emergency budget
on June 22. It will announce an austerity program on Oct. 20 that will slash
most departments’ budgets by a quarter to tackle a deficit that hit a postwar
high of 11 percent of gross domestic product in the year through March.

The U.K. leader is viewed favorably by 61 percent of investors in the U.S. In
Europe, seven in 10 respondents (63%) hold a favorable rating of Cameron.


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