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Bloomberg Elevator Rides Get Artsy

July 12, 2012

Bloomberg thrives on challenging convention and nowhere is this more evident than in our global headquarters in New York, which features permanent art installations curated by the Public Art Fund.

This summer it plays host to a new art exhibition, but in a rather non-traditional space — 16 elevators!

Bloomberg recently unveiled The Lift, a site-specific exhibition which has visitors and employees alike buzzing. If you visit our office before Aug. 31, you can take a ride with contemporary art in The Lift—an exhibition of works in 16 Bloomberg elevators by the duo assume vivid astro focus, and artists Kiki Smith, and Andrea Zittel.

Some insight from Susan Sollins, curator of the exhibition and executive director of Art21:

“When asked to curate an exhibition at Bloomberg headquarters, I became intrigued by the notion of providing Bloomberg employees and visitors with a concentrated experience with art, one that would be isolated – or perhaps even insulated – from the everyday work environment.

Turning the famous statement by Robert Rauschenberg about creating art that acts in the gap between art and life, I determined to place this exhibition in a different gap, the one that exists between the outside world and the work environment.  The elevators as mini exhibition spaces became my focus, as did the three artists in this exhibition who are part of the larger group of 100 artists Art21 has profiled to date in its Peabody Award winning broadcast series, “Art in the Twenty-First Century.”

Bloomberg supports Art21, which inspires creativity through the work and words of living artists. Art 21 is a non-profit contemporary art organization that produces award-winning documentary films and educational resources that spark discussion and innovation.

 Sarah Booth, Bloomberg Philanthropy