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March 6, 2012

The Silicon Valley tech industry has never been more dynamic or more important. The success of companies from Apple to Facebook shows the rapid pace at which tech is reinventing business and the way we live.

That’s why we’re expanding our coverage of technology.

We’ve been beefing up our SF bureau, which now has approximately 70 editors and writers including tech reporting titans like Rich Jaroslovsky, Emily Chang, Cory Johnson, Brad Stone, Jon Erlichman, Ari Levy, Doug MacMillan, and Peter Burrows. Also, Bloomberg TV’s “Bloomberg West” is filmed in San Francisco (this week marks the one-year anniversary of the show.)

In addition to expanding staff to bring you more original content, tonight we are launching a new technology channel on ( The new section will include a host of content features, including:

–Blogs: The culture, clashes, and controversies. The personalities and the people behind the companies making news. Also, we’ll blog about the latest tech deals and how they might disrupt the industry.

–Billionaires: How much did Mark Zuckerberg gain? How much did Larry Page lose? Each week, we’ll list how much the tech world’s richest gained or lost.

–VC deals: Which startups landed the biggest round of financing? Keep track of the hottest startups with this weekly list of venture capital deals.

–The Pitch: Speaking of startups, which ones should get funding? Each week, we’re inviting startups to make a 30-second video pitch on why their company is the next big thing. Cast your vote for the next startup star.

We’ll also bring you more videos and slideshows on all things tech, whether it’s TV interviews with chief executives or photo galleries of the latest innovations.

Let’s face it — the tech world is only getting bigger. Bloomberg will be at the center of it, bringing you the news, data, and information to understand how the always-changing tech landscape could impact you.

Marcus Chan, Tech Editor