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Bloomberg Celebrates Earth Day with Ghost Net(works) Exhibit

April 16, 2012


This is a photo of an incredible art installation located in the most highly-trafficked area in the Bloomberg L.P. building in New York.

For Earth Day, we’re celebrating our oceans and waterways. New York-based artist, architect and urban designer J. Manuel Mansylla (aka manman) is helping raise awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans through art with his installation Ghost Net(works).  And, for one week, we are lucky enough to enjoy it and use it as inspiration to make our planet more sustainable.

 Fishing boats often lose or abandon fishing nets that normally stretch for miles in the open sea. As these “ghost nets” drift unattended, they sweep up anything that floats in their way, including bottles, construction debris, driftwood, but mostly plastics. Plus, ghost nets are nearly invisible in dim light, so they easily entangle marine species small and large.

Ghost Net(works) recreates the underwater encounter with a ghost net from the perspective of marine life. All of the debris in the 731 Lex installation was collected from beaches around the world. It’s meant for people to consider the impacts of pollution in our oceans as they stand underneath it.

Manuel furthers his efforts on combating plastic pollution through the non-profits Plastic Pollution Coalition and Trash Patch.


Lee Ballin, Project Manager for Bloomberg Sustainability