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Bloomberg Businessweek to Launch New Edition in Poland with Point Group

June 23, 2011

Point Group Business Unit i Bloomberg Businessweek ogłosiły plan wydawania począwszy od jesieni 2011 r.

Oh, sorry, for those who don’t read Polish, this says Point Group Business Unit and Bloomberg Businessweek announced plans to publish a Polish-language edition of the magazine starting in the Fall of 2011.



Michał M. Lisiecki, President of Platforma Mediowa Point (left) and
Jonathan Foster Kenny, Vice President and International Sales
for Bloomberg Businessweek (right) elaborate on plans and answer
at a press conference in the Bloomberg office in Warsaw, Poland.


This is the first new foreign license for Bloomberg Businessweek since it was acquired by Bloomberg L.P. The magazine also has local language editions in Turkish, Arabic, Indonesian, Thai, and Chinese.

Bloomberg Businessweek Polska will be published every two weeks and will feature content from Bloomberg’s 2,300 journalists worldwide, including its Warsaw, Poland bureau. It will include locally-focused business and financial content produced by Point Group Business Unit, a subsidiary of Platforma Mediowa Point Group SAMichal Kobosko, project manager at Point Group Business Unit, will serve as editor-in-chief.

Here’s the full press release.

Patti Straus co-leads communications for Bloomberg Businessweek