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Bloomberg Brings Twitter’s Buzz to the Trading Desk with TWTR

April 9, 2013

When the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the use of Facebook, Twitter and other social media venues to communicate company announcements, social media reached a new level of acceptance – and importance to traders and investors in the financial community.

Two days after the SEC’s decision, Bloomberg announced TWTR, a new feature that enables Bloomberg Professional service subscribers to monitor buzz-worthy updates about the financial markets and their portfolio companies.

Traders and investors with access to a Bloomberg terminal can use TWTR to build a search filter for updates from Twitter (or tweets). Users can filter content from Twitter by company, ticker, industry, authors (or people) and Bloomberg-recommended markets and topics. Filters offer controls to manage tweet volume, so users can narrow their search parameters to those tweets that are most relevant.

Bloomberg pre-selected several thousand Twitter handles of companies and authors that report market moving or breaking news about the financial markets, companies, securities, or industries, and we are refining the list constantly with input from clients. We also created Social Velocity Alerts to capture when there is an unusual burst of social chatter around a given stock.

One of the hallmarks of the Bloomberg Professional service is that it provides direct access to original source material along-side our own market moving news, data and analytical tools. The integration of Twitter feeds signifies how social media has grown in value as a distribution channel for financial information. We hope Bloomberg subscribers enjoy using TWTR and look forward to hearing from them about the platform.

Brian Rooney, Core Product Manager for News