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Bloomberg App Portal Goes Global

November 28, 2012


I am just back from my world tour where Bloomberg brought together some of the best minds in financial software. We hosted a series of events in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore where hundreds of tech enthusiasts and business and financial professionals were given a special opportunity to experience the new Bloomberg App Portal.

Kicking off in London on November 14th, Bloomberg’s main auditorium lit up with multi-colored boxes, displaying a variety of specialized apps and tools from the more than 30 vendors that have integrated into the Bloomberg Professional service.  The floor was buzzing with activity as vendors demo’d more than 45 applications to the more than 450 attendees, illustrating the main functionality and how their apps work with the Bloomberg Professional service.

Third-party vendors with apps on the Bloomberg App Portal include developers, software companies, financial institutions and academics from as far afield as Denver, Colorado and Sydney, Australia. Many attendees of the London event knew each other, or were keen to meet people they’d heard about, so the room became a real hotbed of discussion.

The applications, designed by niche developers, enable users to customize daily workflow practices. That means they have access to premium tools for a variety of exact tasks such as data analysis, news and research, portfolio management and risk analysis, valuation and pricing, data visualization and technical analysis.




The Bloomberg App Portal can be accessed by Bloomberg Professional service providers at {APPS<GO>}.

Thanks to all who made the London event and our global tour successful. We will continue to stimulate creativity, flair and excitement for the portal that will hopefully attract innovative apps and developers in the future.


Claudio Storelli, global business manager, Bloomberg App Portal