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Bloomberg Anywhere Available on Android

May 11, 2012



Our drive to support customer needs in a changing world keeps us innovating here at Bloomberg. And, we know many of you have wanted access to your Bloomberg Professional® service from Android devices. We heard you, and we delivered.

Now you can access the world class data, news and analytics from yet another device with your Bloomberg Anywhere subscription. (You also have access from iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Blackberry.)

This native app integrates the core functionality you’re used to in order to stay connected to the markets (and, the format can be customized to best suit your needs):

– Breaking news and research from the best sources

– Real-time market data from all of the world’s exchanges

– Intraday and historical price charts with a wide variety of technical study capabilities

– Bloomberg Message and Instant Bloomberg messaging

For those of you who aren’t Bloomberg Anywhere subscribers, click here to check it out. Or, for more information on all of Bloomberg’s mobile offerings, click here.


John Waanders, Global Product Manager for Bloomberg Anywhere Mobile