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Bloomberg 360: Clean Energy Investment Trends

April 3, 2014

Part III of Bloomberg 360: Energy addresses Clean Energy Investment Trends.
(View Part I and Part II.)

Global investment in clean energy was $254bn last year, down from a revised $286.2bn in 2012 and the record $317.9bn of 2011, according to the latest figures from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The reduced investment in 2013 stems from two main influences: a continued sharp reduction in the cost of photovoltaic systems, and the impact on investor confidence of shifts in policy towards renewable power in Europe and the US.

The two biggest investing countries, China and the US, both saw their dollar commitments fall in 2013. China invested $61.3bn in clean energy last year, down a modest 3.8% from $63.8bn in 2012. This was the first reduction in Chinese clean energy investment in over a decade. The US saw investment slip a more significant 8.4% from $53bn to $48.4bn.

The most striking changes in geographical focus, however, came in Japan and Europe. In Japan, investment surged 55% to $35.4bn in 2013, from $22.7bn in 2012, spurred on by a boom in small-scale solar installation as the country struggles to fill the gap left by its shuttered nuclear plants. The biggest story was Europe, where investment slumped 41% to $57.8bn last year, from $97.8bn as big economies such as Germany, Italy and France either restricted subsidy payments for new projects or else failed to disperse uncertainty over future support.

Our Bloomberg 360: Energy panelists go over these numbers and more in today’s clip.

Rob Barnet, Bloomberg Government
Eric Roston, Bloomberg News
Barbara Pomfret, Bloomberg Industries
Ethan Zindler, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

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Why do companies want to invest in solar? Barbara explains the combination of factors, with the bottom line being critical making these investment decisions.

“It can be 2-3 times more expensive to install a photovoltaic system in California versus Germany,” Ethan tells Eric Roston.

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