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Bloomberg 23″ Monitor recognized as Energy Star “most efficient” for 2014

February 6, 2014

At Bloomberg, we have a commitment to developing better products that also contribute to a better planet. There’s no reason innovation shouldn’t have the same positive impact on the environment as it does on people and companies.

Bloomberg’s customers feel similarly. They want to utilize cutting-edge technology, and at the same time want to minimize environmental impact. They are constantly looking to strike a keen balance between cost, efficiency and effectiveness when choosing and then deploying hardware solutions in their offices.

Take new computer monitors, for example. Believe it or not, an optimal experience typically comes at a very high cost – a high environmental cost that is. So we are particularly proud to have our 23-inch flat panel monitor recently recognized as the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Most Efficient for 2014.

It’s a best-in-class product for customers that maximizes user interface design and minimizes energy costs and the environmental impact at the same time.

This is just another example of how we continue to combine our business expertise with our desire to make meaningful change by integrating sustainability into everything we do.

For more information on our across the board efforts as a company, please check out sustainability at Bloomberg.

Michael Marinello, Bloomberg Communications