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July 26, 2013

Over the past several days, I have continued to reach out to clients by phone and email to discuss our privacy and data policies. With reports this week about potential new chat products in development, a few of these clients have also asked about Bloomberg’s own chat platform, Instant Bloomberg (IB).

Over decades of research and development, we’ve built IB into a highly competitive product secured by a multi-layered authentication process that’s part of the Bloomberg Professional service. Every day, our 315,000 users exchange more than 200 million email messages and about 20 million chats. Now we have announced the next step forward, IB Dealing, a new chat-based platform for the foreign exchange (FX) market that we developed in collaboration with global FX traders, particularly the team at Citi. IB Dealing is already being used by more than 100 global banks across 46 countries for trade negotiation, execution and straight-through processing (STP).

We’ll be announcing a number of other exciting enhancements to IB in the coming months.

Read the IB Dealing press release.

Contributed by Dan Doctoroff, Chief Executive Officer and President of Bloomberg L.P.