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A Spectacular View from Sydney

March 12, 2013

Most people know of Sydney’s spectacular harbour but most will not be prepared for the extraordinary view of the Harbour Bridge from our brand new premises.

Our new Sydney office in One Bligh – in which we occupy the 27th and 28th floors including an awesome sky terrace — truly sets a benchmark in innovation and environmental design, many of which are firsts in the Australian market place. It is the first high-rise office tower in Australia to feature a double-skin glass façade, and Sydney’s first CBD commercial office tower to incorporate black water recycling.

Peter Grauer was in town this week to officiate our new Sydney office, with a special guest of honor, Gail Kelly, chief executive of Westpac and long considered one of Asia’s most powerful businesswomen.

But there’s a lot more significance to our new presence in Sydney than just the location.

Australia’s economy – both during and since the GFC – has become recognized as one of the world’s most resilient.  Its currency is now the world’s fifth most traded. And, of course, Australia has in excess of 100 billion dollars of two-way trade annually with China. Australian commodities are stoking the fire in the belly of the biggest dragon of all. As Peter mentioned at a New South Wales Business Chamber event to CEOs and senior executives of Australia’s major banks and financial institutions, Australia is going to have an increasing role and influence in what’s widely spoken of as ‘The Asian Century’. The ASX is a US-Asian conduit – and each day, Asia takes notice of Sydney as the first major market to open after the close on Wall Street.

This ultimately presents growth opportunities for our information, data services and news about what is happening in Australia. Our new office is going to be a place where news is reported, where newsmakers convene and where news often is made. Next month, it will host the inaugural Bloomberg Australia Economic Summit, bringing together key decision makers from government and industry to examine the nation’s standout performance in the world economy. Speakers will include Treasurer Wayne Swan, BHP Billiton CFPO Graham Kerr and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey.

So get prepared for the view when you are next Downunder as we are in a tremendous place from many different perspectives.


Belina Tan, Corporate Communications