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A New Way to Learn About Bloomberg

November 4, 2011

Nobody enjoys hunting endlessly for information about a company, its products, job openings, recent news, or contact information. That’s why Bloomberg has been hard at work with frog (a design firm) revamping the Bloomberg company information page

If you go to and click on “Our Company,” you’ll see a unique page that we feel encapsulates Bloomberg’s core characteristics: Transparency, always-on, news and data driven, technologically savvy, creative, and most importantly, a useful resource.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the vibrant colors and imagery, changing numbers, and the fact that you can scroll, and scroll, and scroll. To our knowledge, this is the only single-page corporate web site where visitors will experience an infinite scroll of information with several different views of each business. Whether you are looking for information about Bloomberg’s Professional service, TV network, Government or Law products, job openings or press information, you can find whatever you need from this one page.

The page also pulls in real-time market data such as stock market information, animates numbers using algorithms, pulls in live TV and Radio feeds, and even shows the beautiful salt water fish swimming in one of the many tanks located throughout Bloomberg’s global offices.

One of our favorite features: the Exchange Countdown block. We harvested data from the Bloomberg Professional service and built a component that counts down to one of the exchanges that opens within the next 12 hours (we have 30 exchanges on the list). And, we factored in weekends, daylights savings, and holidays. If you are on the site at 4AM in New York (9AM in London) you’ll see that the New York Stock Exchange opens in 5 1/2 hours.  If you’re on the site at 4PM Eastern (7AM in Sydney) you’ll see that the Tokyo Stock Exchange opens in 4 hours.

Last but certainly not least, if you’re looking to contact someone, you can click on the directory tab to see a complete Rolodex of company contact numbers and site links. (If you click on Directory or Company Menu, don’t worry about not being able to find your way back to where you started. A new window will pop up with the additional information.)

There are so many interesting things on this page to highlight so you should definitely check it out for yourself. We hope you find it useful. You can also read this post on Fast Company’s Co.Design blog for more on how it was created.


Jennifer Walsh manages Bloomberg’s digital marketing programs