We provide data, analytics, news, information and communication and trading platforms to help the biggest influencers in finance make decisions.  We combine news and data from more than 80,000 news wires, 4,000 FX feeds and 370 exchanges around the world – totalling more than 60 billion ticks a day.

Our technology allows our customers to exchange more than 300 million messages and nearly 17 million chats daily.  Our customers are located in more than 180 countries and span countless markets. They work in the most competitive industries in the world, so to help them stay ahead, we have to be creative, sophisticated and quick-thinking.

Products, Facts and Technology
Who We Are and How We Work
What We Look For
Career Path
Joining Us

Products, Facts and Technology

The Bloomberg Professional Service (aka “the Terminal”) harnesses the power of information for our clients. Whether they’re in business, finance, government, policy or philanthropy, we help them turn data into insights so they can cut through complexity and solve problems.

As engineers at Bloomberg, we’re at the front line of a fully integrated, proprietary ecosystem. We’re dedicated to finding new ways to improve and extend the Terminal’s functionality. Our products range from desktop to web and to mobile applications, and we believe in using the right tool for the job. At Bloomberg, we’re platform and technology agnostic. Our priority is delivering an excellent experience to our customers, regardless of the devices, operating systems or computing environment they use.

Our teams drive innovation – and we’ve been leading the way for years:

  • We pioneered JavaScript as a backend technology to support extremely rapid UI iteration for our more than 10,000 client-facing applications
  • We were ahead of the curve in using GPUs for the massively parallel computation of mortgage pricings. In fact, we designed one of the first frameworks for a low-latency, high-throughput, fault-tolerant service-oriented architecture
  • We’re a main sponsor of SQLite, and we’ve open-sourced our own augmented C++ STL to support the privately available and open-sourced API
  • We developed and deployed an ultra-low-latency shared memory inter-process communication framework before Linux was even a glimmer in Linus’ eyes

Who We Are and How We Work

We are all software engineers. Some of us are also economists. Some are physicists, and others mathematicians. Every engineer at Bloomberg is a problem-solver. Some of us started our careers at start-ups, and some of us bring experience from working at other technology giants. The one thing we all have in common is that we’re versed in the latest technology trends and our work always has an impact.

We design high-impact solutions to help our customers optimize complex workflows, efficiently manipulate large datasets and make quick, intuitive decisions. And like our customers, we understand and appreciate the importance of speed. Our agile development cycle allows us to roll-out new software every day, so we do things in real-time.

As a company, we’re committed to giving back to the communities we live in, and as engineers, we’re committed to giving back to the technology community we work in. We give back through our partnerships with universities to support the next generation of software engineers. And, we make contributions to open source communities like Linux, Hadoop, OpenStack and Solr, just to name a few. We love sharing our work at conferences and meet-ups, too.

At Bloomberg, we believe a diverse workforce and open culture are essential to innovation. Among other initiatives, our Bloomberg Communities provide a forum for employees from all backgrounds to network and promote collaborative and inclusive environments.

For example, our Bloomberg Women in Technology Community (BWIT) is a group of women and men who encourage women to be leaders in the tech space. BWIT members also share their passion for technology with others in the tech community.

Click here to learn more about our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.

What We Look For

A dynamic mind. A hunger for tackling complex problems. A drive to take ownership. A desire to work independently but with an appreciation for collaboration. A promise to never fear deviating from the status quo.

Career Path

We build and develop our people as much as we build and develop our products. As an engineer at Bloomberg, you can grow as a team leader, an individual contributor or a technical expert. We also offer:

  • Regular events that will teach you about other parts of Bloomberg
  • Tech talks to keep you current on industry trends taught by leading tech experts
  • Technical and financial courses from Bloomberg University that you can take in the classroom or at your own pace online

Joining Us

While no two jobs are the same, our overall interview process is relatively consistent across our Engineering roles. Generally, you’ll have one or two discussions over the phone where you’ll need a computer with internet access so you can interact with your interviewer. After that, if you like what you hear and your skills are a good match for us, we’ll invite you to visit our office or arrange a time to meet you on campus. In person, you’ll have a few rounds of technical discussions with our engineers. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable to your interview. Some of us wear jeans to work while others get a bit more dressed up. We’ll be focused on your skills, not on your outfit. We’ll take the time to get to know you, your code, and the way you solve problems. If the role matches your strengths and interests, we’ll work with you to find the best team for you.

Learn more about Bloomberg and our Engineering department before the interview – we look forward to answering your questions when we meet you. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about our company, culture and projects.

This is a great company, and we are looking for the strongest engineers to join us. We are at the core of our business, and our work reaches millions of users on a daily basis. You’ll have an opportunity to make an impact on your team, the company and on the financial markets.


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