Think fast, talk fast: Inside Bloomberg Media in London with Rob, Director of EMEA Advertising Sales

June 2, 2017

In this Q&A, Rob Huckin recalls how he got started at Bloomberg Media in London and why Bloomberg’s flat hierarchy and entrepreneurial culture has been crucial to his success.

The sight of Bloomberg’s EMEA Headquarters in London can be overwhelming at first, but this bustling beehive of activity is where Rob works. Rob Huckin, tells us about when he first joined the company as a sales rep and how, three years later, he is now leading Bloomberg Media’s EMEA Advertising Sales.

Let’s start at the beginning. What do you remember about your first days at Bloomberg? 
When you walk into the Bloomberg London office, you are immediately struck by the palpable energy. You’re really not sure if you want to run right back out the door or jump in head first! People are moving fast. Thinking fast. Talking fast. Even in the pantry where people regularly stop for snacks and coffee, turns into a place for quick impromptu meetings.

No two days really look the same when you work at Bloomberg. You never know what will come up and what you will have to dive into. It’s truly electric and is what makes Bloomberg’s culture so intriguing and immersive.

Why did you pursue a career at Bloomberg? What brought you here?
I was looking for a place where I can work with smart people in an organizational structure that favors solutions over bureaucracy, and that’s exactly what I got. Bloomberg also has a strong focus on personal and professional development – there is genuine interest in seeing employees advance and grow.

As a company, you’re identified not by your title but by your skillsets. That means we don’t look at someone and think about where they fit in the hierarchy, we look at them and think about how they can contribute to a project and push the envelope. We are able to operate fluidly and have the opportunity to take on special projects and move organically into other roles.

Tell us about your role at Bloomberg Media and what does your team do in London?
Well, by title I’m the Advertising Sales Director for Bloomberg Media in EMEA. That means I’m responsible for managing a team of six sales people who sell Bloomberg advertising space to the finance and luxury sectors. My team is largely focused on the U.K., France, Switzerland, Israel and Russia.

It’s a lot of fun and highly innovative—our advertisers depend on Bloomberg Media to deliver creative solutions across our diverse media platforms. Very few companies are like Bloomberg with platforms that spans digital, TV, radio, events and print magazines, plus able to reach a global business audience and feature influencers in a meaningful way.

How has your career at Bloomberg evolved since you first joined the company?
Many things have changed in a positive way. I’ve been at Bloomberg for almost three years now. I started off as a sales rep covering specific financial clients and later became the Team Lead managing a group that covers the entire financial sector. And I recently moved into the EMEA Advertising Sales Director position.

The Media business within Bloomberg is relatively new, so Bloomberg is a bit of a blank canvas when it comes to advertiser solutions and opportunities—it also means we’re not hamstrung by hierarchy or legacy business models. For instance, in my first year we commissioned two new original TV series called Forward Thinking and Good Fortunes that could not have happened without quick cross-departmental collaboration. I was able to secure funding for both through sponsorship, which was an incredible win.

I’ve greatly enjoyed—and benefited from—Bloomberg’s entrepreneurial freedom and investment in new products and technology. Any success I’ve had comes down to the commercial freedom that Bloomberg fosters.

What part of your role do you enjoy most?
There are two things that come to mind. The first is working with clients and delivering ideas specific to their business objectives. That can be very challenging because Bloomberg has so much to offer, but it also allows you to be creative in coming up with new ideas and approaches.

The second is the challenge of managing a team – and I purposely say “challenge” here because that’s really what it is. We are a team with different skillsets and personalities and finding the right way to motivate each individual while still focusing on the success of the group is definitely the most difficult, but most satisfying part of my job.

What is it about Bloomberg Media in London that keeps you motivated and inspired?
It’s the people and the potential. Bloomberg Media has huge untapped potential on a global scale and the right talent to unlock it. I genuinely enjoy working with the London team, and as a leader, I continue to look for different ways to make the environment fun and rewarding – such as going out to a good long lunch together as a team. We’ve got a lot of great personalities that makes coming to work a joy. For me, that matters a lot.

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