Launching a financial career through the London/Sydney rotational program

May 1, 2017

Shelley Wang was working in the mortgage industry in Sydney, but wanted to branch into the financial markets. She joined the Bloomberg London/Sydney sales and analytics rotational program and shares how this program was the perfect route for her career transition.


Shelley joined the London/Sydney Sales & Analytics rotational program in 2013. As part of the program, we flew her to our London office to train and develop her for a career in finance, she has returned to Sydney is now a Sales and Account Manager.

The London/Sydney Sales & Analytics rotational program is a unique opportunity to spend 1 to 2 years in the Analytics department in our London office. After the comprehensive training, which covers all aspects of the financial markets and economic principles, Shelley returned to Sydney to join a team of experienced relationship managers, growing and serving our customers in Australia and New Zealand.

How did you come across this program and what influenced you to join Bloomberg?
I was looking for a role that could give me exposure to all aspects of the financial markets, where I could learn what the buy-side, sell-side, brokers, investors, and advisors were doing. I searched through the grad job websites and major recruiting firms where I found a link to this Bloomberg role. When I discovered that my first two years would be in London, I was even more excited to apply.

What was your favorite part of the London/Sydney graduate program?
The ability to experience the financial markets in both Sydney and London was invaluable for expanding my horizons across the international financial community, as well as, making many lasting relationships within the business.

How does the Analytics department fit into the company overall?
We serve customers of the Bloomberg Professional service or the Terminal, which is used by hundreds of thousands of business and financial professionals around the world. We ensure that our clients are finding what they are looking for quickly, whether it may be a specific set of data, news or financial information, so as to support their investment decision making.

What has been your most impactful contribution at Bloomberg to date?
My biggest contribution was when I was in London, covering client queries on structured products in the mornings. Between Asia hours and before New York day, the London team has an important responsibility to be managing all client queries effectively and efficiently.

Why do you love coming in to work each day?
The collaborative culture at Bloomberg is the primary reason why I enjoy my role so much and why I am continuously excited to step into the office and work with my team. This culture is present at any of the Bloomberg offices worldwide and is a very unique aspect of Bloomberg.

What are some professional development opportunities available at Bloomberg and how has it helped you further your career?
There are endless career development opportunities within Bloomberg depending on what areas of the business you want to engage with and what skills you want to develop, not to mention the ability to live and work in different countries. I was initially assigned to work in the core product analytics team, but through my interest in fixed income and trading I was given the opportunity to work at the trading support desk for 6 months before I returned to Australia.

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