What exactly do you do, Global Data CABM?

April 17, 2018

Bringing clarity to a complex world is our purpose. At Bloomberg, we deliver accurate, real-time information to help our clients make critical financial decisions. And it’s our Global Data business who supplies that data into the The Terminal and for our various services.

Within Global Data is the Content Acquisition and Business Management (CABM) team that captures and integrates data from trusted providers from around the world to supply our clients the information they need.

CABM is constantly engaging with our clients to ensure we stay on the pulse of the market and customer needs. It is made up of several groups covering: Pricing, Research, Exchanges, Product Management, Third Party Contracts, and Market Structure.

“CABM’s content is a part of the vital lifeblood of Bloomberg. We are constantly striving for the best quality and comprehensive coverage of content – which is a result of our relationships with third party data providers and collaboration with multiple internal teams,” says Nicola Etheredge, who works in Global Data CABM, Asia Pacific Exchange Business Management in the Bloomberg Singapore office.

The collective CABM day-to-day responsibilities of our highly motivated data experts and managers is what makes this all happen.

Solving complicated problems for customers
Understanding how customers use Bloomberg’s data is one of the primary objectives for CABM. “All team members are masters at managing asset-class specific workflows because we are all responsible for collecting relative market data,” says Charles Harriman of Global Data CABM, Data Acquisition, in our New York office.

The group is also responsible for solving complex pricing problems using Bloomberg’s technology, like working with Global Data’s Quant team to fix anomalous pricing information.

“We look at contributed prices and help our Global Data colleagues build quant models using SQL and Python to correct anomalies within our data-sets. By continuously improving processes we’re pushing the envelope to try out things we haven’t done before,” Charles says.

Keeping an open dialogue with multiple businesses
Global Data on-boards an incredible amount of content so it’s imperative that it is discoverable, compliant, done in an efficient manner, and compliments other Bloomberg products.

We manage the design, building and troubleshooting of site-to-site technology that links data providers to feed data into the Terminal. This allows CABM team members to develop a deep understanding of Bloomberg’s technologies, as well as, opportunities to work with other businesses such as Sales, Product, and Engineering – a prime example of the collaborative culture at Bloomberg.

Because of this broad visibility, CABM is often involved in the development of our products.

“What’s unique to my team is that we influence product development,” says Neil Arnold of Global Data GABM, Sell-side Research Content for Europe who works in our London office.

He continues, “We have a consultative approach with clients, which helps us prioritize how a product is built, like gathering intelligence on how our clients plan to price and package research after MiFID II,” says Neil.

Working with regulations
As MiFID II continues to be an important focus area for the financial industry, CABM is making sure content acquisition for our data is the best on the market, while abiding by the new regulations.

“Throughout the past 18 months, making sure we provide our clients with the best tools to operate under MiFID II has been fundamental to the success of our team,” explains Neil.

He continues, “We are continuing to expand our offerings for sell-side research products like Corporate Access and Analysts models, which is making our clients turn to Bloomberg not only for our services, but also expert insight on industry trends,” Neil says.

Explore some of our open Global Data CABM roles:
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