60 Minutes Interview with Mike Bloomberg

April 26, 2017



By: 60 Minutes

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At 75, “Mike” Bloomberg, as he likes to be called, is a long way from retirement. Most days you’ll find him in the gleaming Oz-like tower that bears his company’s name….a high-energy, egalitarian work place, at the crossroads of media, information technology and capitalism.

Steve Kroft: This is an incredible building, office building. It looks like, I don’t know what it looks like.

Michael Bloomberg: What I’m trying to do is to create excitement. So people say, “My goodness, what’s going on here? There’s something different about this company.” The employees, you want them to get psyched. And it’s a chance to meet each other. My job is to get people to work together.

Nearly 20,000 employees in 192 locations around the world, gathering, writing, transmitting, and analyzing information that will move markets.

With free food and no offices, even for Bloomberg, this might be considered one of the world’s great corporate headquarters…if it weren’t for the fact that Bloomberg L.P. is not a corporation, it’s a limited partnership, a private company….and 85 percent of all of this and a lot more belongs to Mike Bloomberg.

Watch Steve Kroft’s full interview with Mike Bloomberg on 60 Minutes here.