2015: A User's Guide

Our guide to the companies, economies, products, and innovators that will matter in 2015


Editor’s Letter


Helping Europe’s Young Find Work

What can be done to create more jobs?

Janet Yellen
On the Spot

Federal Reserve Chair Yellen has a big decision to make in 2015: when and how fast the Federal Open Market Committee she chairs should raise the federal funds rate, the short-term interest rate the central bank has kept near zero since December 2008. Waiting too long could inflate asset bubbles and spark inflation. Acting too soon would risk something worse: Japanese-style deflation. —Peter Coy

Will Americans Finally Get a Raise?

India vs. China

India wants to be the next manufacturing powerhouse

What’s on

Still Hopeful in Africa

Despite civil wars and Ebola, the sub-Saharan region is expected to grow 5 percent next year

Mohamed El-Erian

Mobile Goes Cheap

Left to Our Own Devices …

The PC Comeback

A Virtual Feast

Will the coming rush of VR hardware be appetizing?

The End of Intel’s Foil?

Cisco’s Cloud Connector

Carolyn Everson

All-Seeing Eye

Graphene Gold Rush

Market Leaders

Secret Funders

In 2015 presidential hopefuls will court high-profile billionaires like the Koch brothers. But there’s another less well-known group of wealthy people ready to give

Stopping on the Edge of War

Iraqis and Syrians are a year away from being able to take on Islamic State

All’s Quiet on the Eastern Front—for Now

NATO responds to the Kremlin by beefing up its operations in Poland

Coal May Get More Time to Burn

Running Away From Washington

Both parties will find Obama isn’t really the problem

Mike Murphy
Campaign strategist

A Global Crisis Dashboard

Rebecca Richards
On the Spot

Richards is the National Security Agency's first civil liberties and privacy officer. In 2015 she'll be scrutinized by rights advocates as she develops government safeguards to protect Americans from government spying. —Jordan Robertson

The Right Will Shape British Politics

Are the Kids All Right?

Thousands of immigrants who crossed the border alone are still waiting to hear if they’ll be allowed to stay

Infectious Diseases

U.S. Natural Gas
Ships Out

Putting U.S. Energy to Work

Head to Head

Larry Summers and Ed Markey debate whether to lift the ban on U.S. oil exports imposed by Congress in 1975

Cleaner Oil Sands in Utah

Solar Energy for the People

Harold Hamm
Continental Resources

Organic Food for Everyone

Wal-Mart is promising to disrupt the organic food industry by lowering prices


The ancient seed is having a moment

Kevin Plank
Under Armour

Movie Night

Hollywood is counting on event films and new technology to wow ticket buyers

Don Thompson
On the Spot

Thompson, McDonald's chief executive officer, faces some supersize challenges. Sales at established restaurants in the U.S. fell 4.1 percent in September vs. a year earlier, their worst monthly showing in more than a decade. And McDonald's stores in China lost traffic this year following a food safety scandal at a supplier. Thompson will give U.S. managers more control over local menus—a risk for a chain known for its global consistency.

Stalled Malls

Retailers are trying to adapt to changing shopping trends

Luxury’s Next China Is Digital

Will Testosterone Sales Wane?

Book It!

Airlines are packaging fees and selling them with a smile

On the Rocks

Sales of whiskey and other brown liquors will keep rising as vodka loses favor


Myo armband

Airbus zephyr

Soft robotics

Orange County's groundwater replenishment system

Diamond semiconductors

Beyond Meat