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Clinic Regulation Counseling & Waiting Abortion Providers Minors Timing & Type Insurance

Along with Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Tennessee, South Dakota prohibits the use of telemedicine limited only to abortion medication

Virginia passed laws requiring women living within 100 miles of a clinic to receive in-person counseling and an ultrasound 24 hours in advance

Arkansas requires providers that perform at least 10 abortions per month to meet abortion clinic requirements and be inspected by the Arkansas Department of Health

Both Indiana and Kansas require counseling that the fetus is a person

North Dakota requires warnings about the increased risk of breast cancer, a claim proven false by the National Cancer Institute

Louisiana requires providers to make the fetal heartbeat audible

Utah, as well as South Dakota, expanded the waiting period before an abortion from 24 to 72 hours, the longest in the country

South Dakota made six counseling and waiting regulations, one of which requires counseling to include dubious information about risk factors

Kansas prohibits state agencies or employees from participating in abortion, effectively preventing any public hospitals from performing abortions

Oklahoma allows lawsuits against providers for any violation of state abortion regulations

A Mississippi law mandates that abortion doctors secure admitting privileges at local hospitals OB/GYN certification, and could force the state's last surviving clinic to close it's doors

Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska and North Dakota require courts or clinics to collect data on minors' abortions

Nebraska and Kansas require parental consent before a minor obtains an abortion

Arizona bans abortion at 18 weeks post-fertilization (20 weeks after a woman's last period), two weeks earlier than all other states

New Hampshire banned "partial-birth" abortion

Kansas and Missouri limited post-viability abortion

Florida signed into law a measure that bans abortion coverage in health exchanges that will be established under the federal health care reform law; Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah and Virginia passed similar measures

Iowa limited Medicaid abortion coverage to life, rape and incest

Missouri allowed an employer, enrollee or insurer to deny coverage of abortion