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The 2018 Bloomberg Businessweek Best B-Schools ranking of full-time MBA programs relies in part on 3,698 surveys from employers that recruit MBA graduates. To better understand what matters most to recruiters, we looked closely at several survey questions. We then selected our top-tier schools globally, ranked 1—30, and sorted results to see how recruiters view the best of the best—1 is the lowest score, 5 is the highest.

Here are the survey results:

Graduates from this school are innovative and creative
MBAs at minimum are supposed to learn the basics. Can innovation and creativity be taught? Views differ. We asked recruiters which schools are producing the most creative graduates.
Rank School Score
1 Stanford 4.29
2 Yale 4.18
3 Georgetown (McDonough) 4.17
4 UC at Berkeley (Haas) 4.13
5 Carnegie Mellon (Tepper) 4.10
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The school provided a diverse pool of quality candidates
Diversity matters to prospective students, graduates, alumni, and companies that hire MBAs. Here’s how recruiters graded each school’s pool of candidates.
Rank School Score
1 Yale 4.18
2 INSEAD 4.17
2 Carnegie Mellon (Tepper) 4.17
4 IESE Business School 4.15
5 Washington (Foster) 4.08
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Graduates from this school are better trained than grads from other schools
Recruiter responses once again shuffled the deck of the top 5.
Rank School Score
1 Brigham Young (Marriott) 4.17
1 Georgetown (McDonough) 4.17
3 Carnegie Mellon (Tepper) 4.10
4 Yale 4.01
4 North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler) 4.01
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The value of this school's brand is high and gives graduates a big advantage in their careers
Reputation matters in business school. Asked to score the value of a school’s brand, recruiters put the overall No. 1 school, Stanford, at the top of this list.
Rank School Score
1 Stanford 4.69
2 Harvard 4.56
3 Pennsylvania (Wharton) 4.50
4 Georgetown (McDonough) 4.41
5 MIT (Sloan) 4.40
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The school's reputation for entrepreneurship is excellent
Entrepreneurial skills are now woven into the fabric of many business school educations, and these lessons are critical whether students want to start their own businesses or work at the world’s biggest organizations. Asked specifically about reputation, here’s how recruiters responded.
Rank School Score
1 Stanford 4.57
2 Washington (Foster) 4.25
3 UC at Berkeley (Haas) 4.13
4 Georgetown (McDonough) 4.10
5 Rice (Jones) 4.03
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Students from this school show exceptional entrepreneurial skills and drive
MBA recruiters grade the quality of a school’s entrepreneurial training differently, at times, than they grade a school’s reputation for entrepreneurship.
Rank School Score
1 Stanford 4.38
2 UC at Berkeley (Haas) 4.13
3 Carnegie Mellon (Tepper) 4.03
3 Georgetown (McDonough) 4.03
5 Washington (Foster) 4.00
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