Bloomberg Technology Conference

Code and the Corner Office

San Francisco, CA | June 15 – 16, 2015

Press Release May 18, 2015

The 2015 Bloomberg Technology Conference: Code and the Corner Office brought together corporate leaders from both inside and outside of tech, top investors, hot entrepreneurs and other influencers for 24 hours of shared discovery and debate about the real business impact of software and coding – from artistic medium to competitive advantage to cybersecurity threat.

Save the Date

The 2016 Bloomberg Technology Conference will be held June 13-14 in San Francisco.

Featured Speakers

Marissa Mayer
President and CEO
Dick Costolo
Padmasree Warrior
Strategic Advisor
Chris Wanstrath

Letter from the Editor

Brad Stone, Emily Chang and I are pleased to co-chair Bloomberg LIVE’s first marquee event, the Bloomberg Technology Conference: Code and the Corner Office, in San Francisco, June 15-16.

Software has changed the world—and its transformative powers show no signs of stopping. Now more than ever, code, coders, and coding culture are deeply impacting the way organizations do business. At this year’s Bloomberg tech conference, we’ll bring together leaders from all industries to explore and demystify the complex tech trends roiling business, while also highlighting executives who are using code to reinvent their companies.

We’re excited to have Twitter CEO Dick Costolo join us for a wide-ranging conversation about using software to spark engagement; Cisco Chief Technology and Strategy Officer Padmasree Warrior will paint a picture—literally—of how code and artwork can influence one another; Pixar’s Studio Tools R&D lead Michael B. Johnson will share video, showing how the animation studio uses technology to address problems; and EpiBone CEO Nina Tandon will discuss how her company is using code to strengthen battered human bones.

We are thrilled about this year’s lineup—and there are more great names to come. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as the Bloomberg Technology Conference nears!

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Stephanie Mehta
Editor, Bloomberg LIVE

Editorial Co-Chairs

Emily Chang
Bloomberg TV
Stephanie Mehta
Editor, Bloomberg LIVE
Editor-at-Large, Bloomberg Businessweek
Brad Stone
Senior Writer,
Bloomberg Businessweek

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+1 212 617 8959
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