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Coal Shipped to Boilers, Then Atmosphere: Today's Pic

Global Coal Stockpiling

Coal is stockpiled in preparation for loading onto ships for export, at the Newcastle Coal Terminal in Newcastle, Australia. 

Coal fuels about 40 percent of electricity generation worldwide and is responsible for about the same percentage of global carbon dioxide emissions from energy. U.S. coal exports are on track to break their annual record of 113 billion tons, set in 1981, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration

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Apple, FedEx, Toyota Lead in 'Perceived' Sustainability

Brandlogic Sustainability IQ Matrix

Perception doesn't always equal reality. Especially when it comes to sustainability. 

Companies best known for sustainability -- Apple Inc., FedEx Corp., Toyota Motor Corp. -- aren't the ones leading their peers on real, company-wide gauges of sustainability performance. That’s one conclusion reached in a new report published last week by Brandlogic and CRD Analytics that compares how 100 top companies perform, and are perceived to perform, on sustainability. 

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Sustainability Photo

An aerial photograph taken as a forest turns autumnal, in Kashubia, Poland.

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The Past Is Present at Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant

Beyond the cabbage patch and rows of pre-cut Christmas trees, past fruit stands filled with pumpkins and apples, along the bank of the Susquehanna River, sits the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.

It’s by far the most robust and majestic structure in the neighborhood, an unlikely blend of the Loire Valley Castles in France and Eastern Europe's Communist-era architecture. Events here three decades ago left the plant half-dead, and with it, U.S. nuclear energy policy.

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Romney Can Do Little to Curb Green Rules: Utility CEO

Romney Can do Little to Curb Green Rules, Utility CEO Says

Even if elected president, Republican Mitt Romney can do little to reverse regulations imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency,  according to an executive of a U.S. utility investing in pollution controls.

The EPA’s limits on mercury, sulfur dioxide and other emissions will be “difficult to roll back,” said William Spence, chief executive officer of Allentown, Pennsylvania-based PPL Corp. He cited years of court cases over those regulations as one of the reasons.

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NASA Keeps an Eye on the Earth's Iceboxes

The Calving of Thwaites Ice Shelf

NASA's Operation IceBridge monitors the polar ice caps so that scientists can study how each interacts with the global climate. Between Oct. 11 and Nov. 17, NASA is conducting Antarctic survey flights, including a trip over the Thwaites Glacier on October 15th. 

The Thwaites Ice Shelf, in western Antarctica, is shown here calving. Antarctic sea ice coverage hit a new annual winter maximum earlier this year. This is in contrast to the Arctic, where ice coverage shattered an all-time low in September. Summer Arctic sea ice is disappearing much faster than scientists anticipated amid warming temperatures. 

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Great Lakes at Risk of Major Oil Spill, Report Warns

Great Lakes Region According to Enbridge's Emergency Response

Editors Note: A previous version of this story stated that Enbridge's Line 5 carries tar-sands oil, known as diluted bitumen, or dilbit. It does not, according to Enbridge spokesman Larry Springer. -- Two aging oil and natural gas pipelines running under the sparkling waters of the Straits of Mackinac in northern Michigan are time bombs that could devastate the upper Great Lakes if they rupture, according to a report issued today by the National Wildlife Federation.

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Marcellus Gas Wells Likely Harming Public Health: Survey

Marcellus Gas Wells Likely Harming Public Health

People living near natural gas wells in Pennsylvania say drilling has triggered respiratory problems, fatigue, severe headaches and skin rashes, according to a study from Earthworks, a Washington-based environmental group.

The findings come from a survey released today of 108 residents in 14 Pennsylvania counties. Since 2009, more than 5,000 wells have been drilled in Pennsylvania’s portion of the Marcellus Shale using hydraulic fracturing. This process requires sending millions of gallons of chemically treated water and sand underground to break shale rock and free trapped gas.

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Bjorn Lomborg at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit

Danish economist Bjorn Lomborg rose to prominence following the publication in 1998 of The Skeptical Environmentalist. He has since angered many global warming activists by arguing that the climate fight has wrongly focused on cutting carbon pollution rather than investing in research and development of new technologies. 

An adjunct professor at Copenhagen Business School, he's also the director of the Copenhagen Consensus, an economic analysis group that studies how governments and philanthropists should spend aid and development money. I caught up with him when he visited London this month to talk about fracking, renewable energy and organic food.

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In Russia, Finding Oil Was the Easy Part

Billionaires Said to Plan $28 Billion TNK-BP Stake to Rosneft

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The great natural wealth of Russia has long been a magnet for Western businesses that see the pot of gold over the rainbow and figure that somehow they’ll find the path there. That hasn’t always gone so well.

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