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Davos Warms up to Climate Change: Today's Top Reads

  • China bank regulator said to issue alert on coal loans (Bloomberg)
  • Do middle-managers and finance block progress towards sustainability? (Guardian)
  • Davos: How can companies leave a lighter footprint? (World Economic Forum)
  • En route to Davos: Four business leaders talk about global problem-solving (Huffington Post)
  • Chemical-related hospital visits still rising (Charleston Gazette)
  • China maintains solar target after record installations (Bloomberg)
  • Visualizing the companies that have created the most climate change (Fast Company)
  • China: Where marathon mania and epic air pollution levels collide (Atlantic)
  • Creating tastier and healthier fruits and veggies with a modern alternative to GMOs (Scientific American)
  • Sonoma strives to become first 100 percent sustainable wine region (GreenBiz)
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Good morning from New York, where the weather outside is frightful. Here’s what we’re reading today:

  • Is it hot in here or is it just me telling you it’s hot in here? (The Grid)
  • 2013 ties as fourth warmest year on record (NOAA)
  • EU calls for 40% reduction in greenhouse-gas output by 2030 (Bloomberg)
  • Is Europe’s Renewables Mandate Bad for the Environment? (CFR)
  • Storebrand puts palm oil on blacklist with tobacco (Bloomberg)
  • Bee deaths may stem from mutated tobacco virus (NY Times)
  • Australia should probably get used to these devastating heat waves (Atlantic)
  • Desert encroachment fuels nigerian religious fight over land (Bloomberg)
  • Bananas are chemicals, too (Dot Earth)
  • Will electric cars kill utility grids? No, study says. (Christian Science Monitor)

How about you?

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Solar Flare

As the mercury drops in the eastern U.S. this week, expect snow, icy driving conditions and ludicrous statements about global warming from Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh.

These statements are caricatures of debate, and obscure the real and persistent way that weather actually does make climate change confusing.

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Robert Rubin

How’s climate change a risk to me? This simple question has gone unanswered for too long.

Robert Rubin knows a thing or two about economic risk. As Treasury Secretary to President Clinton, Rubin advocated for balanced budgets through a combination of tax increases and spending cuts -- Rubinomics for short. While at Treasury he helped formulate the administration's responses to financial crises in Mexico, Russia and East Asia. The administration's personnel and policies have drawn increased scrutiny in recent years as Wall Street tries to make sense of the 2008 crisis.

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Good morning, folks. Friday, which seems to come around only once every week, is here again. Here's some reading to mark the occasion:

  • Extreme Weather Wreaking Havoc on Food as Farmers Suffer (Bloomberg)
  • This warped map shows global warming’s biggest offenders (Atlantic)
  • Climate protection may cut world GDP 4% by 2030, UN says (Bloomberg)
  • Solar on a grand scale: big power plants coming online in the West (Washington Post)
  • All that remained of 100 elephants: a ton of ivory turned into trinkets (NY Times)
  • Brands shouldn’t be criticized for trying to tell their sustainability stories (Guardian)
  • Toxic Mercury Pollution May Rise with Arctic Meltdown (Scientific American)
  • Does Keystone XL Have a Place in the Oil-by-Rail Safety Debate? (Inside Climate News)
  • Miners Chopping $10 Billion Search Bodes Next Price Boom (Bloomberg)
  • Sustainability is better business – and we can prove it (Guardian)

What are you reading?

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Wooing Wall Street: Today's Top Reads

Good morning. Today: 2013 Oscar nominations offer a welcome distraction from "carbon dioxide removal" technology.

  • World may have to suck gases from air to meet climate goals: UN (Reuters)
  • How Wall Street can solve the climate crisis (Mother Jones)
  • Climate change: The case of the missing heat (Nature)
  • Company in West Virginia spill cited in issues at second site (Associated Press)
  • Renewable energy at $254 billion? Make it a clean trillion (The Grid)
  • Tony Fadell Q&A: Why I sold Nest to Google (Fortune)
  • Tricks of the Trade (UCS Report)
  • Why so many emerging megacities remain so poor (Atlantic Cities)
  • BP sees renewables outpacing fossil fuels, eclipsing nuclear (Bloomberg)
  • Far west got drier last year, data shows (New York Times)

How about you?

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Renewable Energy at $254 Billion? Let’s Make It a Clean Trillion

Billionaire bankers gathered at the United Nations yesterday to call for more investment in renewable energy -- $1 trillion a year, to be exact.

It won’t be easy. Global investment in renewable energy fell 11 percent in 2013 to $254 billion, according to data released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), casting a shadow over the notion of a “clean trillion.”

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Climate Agenda Intact With Limited Riders in Appropriations Bill

Bloomberg BNA – Democrats beat back efforts from Republicans to include provisions in a fiscal year 2014 appropriations package that would have limited President Barack Obama's ability to implement his climate action plan, according to the White House.

Matt Lehrich, an assistant press secretary at the White House, told Bloomberg BNA in a statement that all of the “many” riders to the $1.1 trillion appropriations package that would have “gutted” Obama's climate action plan were eliminated from the final bill.

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Shivering Cows and the Google Grid: Today's Top Reads

Greetings from New York, where we're busy picking out ties for tomorrow's climate and investment conference at the United Nations.

  • West Virginia Acknowledges It Had No Plan for Freedom Spill (Charleston Gazette)
  • Omnibus Thwarts Obama on Overseas Coal Plant Funding Limits (National Journal)
  • China, World's Top Global Emitter, Is Best on Climate Change: Figueres (Bloomberg)
  • A Century Later, the Expensive Lesson of Reversing the Chicago River (Atlantic Cities)
  • What I Learned from Six Months of GMO Research: None of It Matters (Grist)
  • Top iPhone Designer Now Works for the Google Grid (Bloomberg)
  • Grappling With Sea-Level Rise, Sooner Not Later (New York Times)
  • California Drought: What's Causing It? (San Jose Mercury News)
  • The Monster Hurricanes of the Future Won't Be Where You Think (Fast Company)
  • Shivering Cattle Signal Higher McDonald's Beef Cost (Bloomberg)
  • Should You Drink Coffee Before or After Learning a Task? (Scientific American)

How about you?

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