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America for Shale: Today's Top Reads

Here are today's top reads:

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North American Leaders Pledge to Work Together to Curb Climate

Bloomberg BNA – President Barack Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto cited a shared concern for addressing climate change and pledged to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during a Feb. 19 summit of North American leaders in Toluca, Mexico.

Obama said the three countries will work together to adopt and meet new fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty trucks, and he said Harper agreed to work with the U.S. to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Fracking Boom Leaves Texans Under a Toxic Cloud

Fracking Boom Spews Toxic Air Emissions on Texas Residents

This story was produced by InsideClimate News in collaboration with the Center for Public Integrity and The Weather Channel.

When Lynn Buehring leaves her doctor's office in San Antonio she makes sure her inhaler is on the seat beside her, then steers her red GMC pickup truck southeast on U.S. 181, toward her home on the South Texas prairie.

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Supreme Court Could Clarify Authority Of EPA

Bloomberg BNA – The U.S. Supreme Court won't address the Environmental Protection Agency's fundamental authority to regulate greenhouse gases during oral arguments Feb. 24, but lawsuits challenging the permitting requirements could provide an opportunity for the court to clarify the agency's authority.

The Supreme Court will hear challenges from some states and industry groups opposed to the EPA's requirement that large industrial sources obtain Clean Air Act permits for their greenhouse gas emissions.

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Coal Ash Could Be Regulated As Nonhazardous Waste: Duke Energy

Coal Ash Anticipated to Be Regulated As Nonhazardous Waste, Duke

Bloomberg BNA –Forthcoming regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency are likely to designate coal ash as a nonhazardous waste despite a recent high-profile spill of the material in North Carolina, Duke Energy Corp. said.

“We do expect it will be designated as nonhazardous,” Keith Trent, chief operating officer of regulated utilities for Duke Energy, said during a conference call announcing earnings from the fourth quarter of 2013. “That's the general assumption that we're working with.”

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Chicago Mayor, Aldermen Seek Ordinance To Ban Petcoke Storage Fa

Bloomberg BNA – Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel expanded his public health campaign against petroleum coke and coal, vowing to introduce an ordinance that will ban new storage and processing facilities, and prohibit any expansion of existing facilities.

Emanuel, together with aldermen John Pope and Ed Burke, said Feb. 12 he will introduce an ordinance ensuring that Chicago does not become a “dumping ground’’ for petroleum coke, commonly called petcoke. Emanuel said the ordinance will be presented during the next City Council meeting scheduled for March 5.

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Fracking Blowout: Today's Top Reads

Good morning! Here are today's top reads:

  • Oil well in North Dakota out of control, leaking (Reuters)
  • Why Apple is Greenpeace's newest hero (Green Biz)
  • China spends more on energy efficiency than U.S. for first time (Bloomberg)
  • G8 New Alliance condemned as new wave of colonialism in Africa (Guardian)
  • Warming winters sends no love to 2022 Olympic bid cities (Climate Central)
  • Financier plans big ad campaign on climate change (New York Times)
  • Fracking boom spews toxic air emissions on Texas residents (Inside Climate News)
  • Obama heads to Mexico amigos meeting strained by Keystone (Bloomberg)
  • To make natural gas a good fuel, find the "super-emitters" (Scientific American)
  • Latin America leads the fight against junk food with the U.S. on the sidelines (Guardian)

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"A Radical CEO": Today's Top Reads

Happy Valentine's Day! Here are today's top reads:

  • Paul Polman: A radical CEO(Marc Gunther)
  • Leaks in natural gas system seen exceeding EPA estimate in study (Bloomberg)
  • North American leaders urged to restore monarch butterfly's habitat (New York Times)
  • Obama wants Congress to help with climate agenda after all (National Journal)
  • The world's ticking household bomb (Atlantic Cities)
  • California drought threatens 50% farm town unemployment (Bloomberg)
  • North Carolina coal-ash spill prompts federal probe (Wall Street Journal)
  • Something Fishy on Valentine's Day: Dolphin Love (National Journal)
  • California seeing brown where green used to be (New York Times)
  • Huge Ivanpah solar power plant, owned by Google and Oakland company, opens as industry booms (San Jose Mercury News)

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Recent Coal Facility Releases Gain Attention Of Senators Working

Bloomberg BNA – Two recent coal product spills in North Carolina and West Virginia have drawn the attention of three Senate Democrats who are working on legislation to boost chemical storage safety in light of a chemical spill in January that left 300,000 West Virginia residents without drinking water.

“If there's something else that we missed that needs to be put in there, we'll do it,” Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), a sponsor of the Chemical Safety and Drinking Water Protection Act (S. 1961), told Bloomberg BNA Feb. 12.

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Fun With Lasers: Today's Top Reads

Here are today's top reads:

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