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An honest message 25 years ago which still rings true today... maybe more so. Strategas Research teamed up with the data gurus at Bloomberg's BGOV to track how corporate perception about government has evolved over time. They compared hundreds of annual reports from 2012 to those from 2005, focusing on whether companies cited "Government Risk" as a source of concern. Fifty-nine percent of U.S. companies have become more concerned about Government posing a risk to their businesses:

There are certainly plenty of issues facing U.S. companies today:
- Higher costs of hiring under the Affordable Care Act
- Retaining talent given immigration uncertainty
- Regulatory questions from stalled Dodd-Frank legislation
- Foreign profit repatriation walls keeping capital abroad
- Rancorous tax debate discouraging capital investment
-Sequestration and debt ceiling debate freezing Federal projects

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The Pros & Cons of Government Intervention 

Wednesday is potentially a big day for Europe, and potentially a big opportunity for investors. At 5 a.m. ET Eurostat will release its preliminary estimate for Eurozone GDP, and economists forecast a return to growth after six quarters of contraction (the longest recession since WWII).

The estimated gain of 0.2 percent is a fraction of the 1.7 percent rate seen in the U.S.. European growth is still fairly narrow, as only 102 companies in the Euro Stoxx 600 are witnessing sales growth greater than 10 percent. Roughly half are growing less than 10 percent, and about a third are still contracting:

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A Close Look at the Narrow Slice of European Growth

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Exporters Are Beating the S&P 500 as Sales Increase

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When a Good Multiple and Jobless Rate Aren't Enough

Keep Buying Treasuries, Bill Gross Tweets

We are surprised today is August 1... summer goes so fast! We are NOT surprised today's manufacturing data is nebulous (Global GDP is rising just 1.6 percent)

More countries are contracting than expanding according to the survey... and we didn't even include the negative results from smaller economies like Hungary, Sweden and Norway. In addition, Germany and Italy just barely crossed over into growth mode with readings of 50.7 and 50.4 respectively (50 marks the inflection point between growth and expansion.)

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