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Last-Minute Wine Gifts for the Oenophile on Your List

All in Good Taste
The best gifts are those you’d like to receive yourself. This year, I’ve been dreaming about some particularly wonderful wine accessories – and here,... Read more »
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It’s the curse of doing anything well: Everyone wants you to keep on doing it. And when chefs put a dish on the menu that's met with a little enthusiasm, there’s always a chance they'll be doomed to spend their best years cooking it, just like that, over and over.

Not Jose Ramirez-Ruiz and Pamela Yung, who are unafraid to kill their darlings. At Semilla, the couple’s tasting counter which opened two months ago in Williamsburg, they might serve something perfectly lovely on a Tuesday, only to revise it entirely by Friday. They are constantly editing -- from one day to the next -- pushing their complex, mostly vegetarian cooking forward. The result is a young restaurant that’s sure of its style and direction, growing more sophisticated by the week.

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The Tragic Flute: Why You're Drinking Champagne All Wrong

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Let’s get something out of the way: Marie Antoinette’s left breast was not the inspiration for the Champagne coupe, which is enjoying a minor comeback, thanks to its palm-sized bowl and retro good looks. The origins are murky, but the coupe dates back to at least 17th-century England, nearly a century before the French queen and her legendary cleavage.

It’s a sexy bubble to burst. Here’s another: The coupe is a terrible vessel for drinking Champagne -- a slosh-prone, top-heavy bowl that concentrates neither the carbonation nor the bouquet. And if you’re warming chilled wine with your hand, you’re definitely doing something wrong.

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At first glance it seems that there's nothing simple about the new Excaliber Automatic Skeleton, but it's actually the most basic skeleton Roger Dubuis has produced to date. Gone are the twin tourbillons and the Zsa Zsa Gabor-worthy diamond bezels. Instead it's a rare exercise in restraint -- and a welcome one. Roger Dubuis's technical prowess is often clouded by a more-is-more design sensibility, but this watch is a great example of what a little editing can do.

First Thoughts: This watch is so stripped down that it's become complicated again. The simple pink gold case houses an extremely open skeletonized movement that is decorated on every surface -- you might even miss those pink gold hour and minute hands if you're not looking closely. Without obstructing the view of the caliber, a skeletonzied micro-rotor at 11 o'clock means you don't have to remember to wind the watch. You can really see every gear turn and every beat of the balance wheel, and, forgiving the dramatic starburst bridge, it's a beauty.

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There are no two ways about it: Greubel Forsey makes incredible watches. The designs are a bit, shall we say, "idiosyncratic," and after a decade they still continue to ignore all but the highest end of the market. It's all part of the charm. The GMT was first released in 2011, but the GMT Black is a departure from the rose gold and platinum versions we've seen trickle out since, utilizing lightweight titanium instead of a precious metal for the case. This is a watch to stare at. Go ahead, we'll be here a while.

First Thoughts: Even if the GMT Black isn't the sort of thing I'd wear to watch to the Giants game on Sunday (unless I owned the team, maybe), it's the most approachable version of one of the most impressive watches on the market. The titanium case means that even with its large profile it still weighs less than a Ferrari -- even if it costs more. The black finish makes it less in-your-face and lets you really admire the finishing on the non-blackened components. The GMT might be a few years old by now, but staring at that globe never gets old.

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Caviar Buying Guide: Eight Best Tins

Roe for Days
It’s a very good time of year to be a fish egg freak, the kind who goes googly-eyed and wobbly in the knees over a creamy spoonful of sturgeon roe.... Read more »

Review: The Lexus NX is a Personality-Free Luxury Crossover

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Luxury doesn’t mean luxury anymore in today’s car market.

When you can buy a BMW for $30,000, basically everything is mass.

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It's that time of year when people like to make predictions about trends for the coming 12 months.

Funny how those forecasts frequently describe what has been happening over the past year. Let's face it: We probably see more in a rear-view mirror than a crystal ball.

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Last week in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari unveiled its newest hybrid supercar, the FXX K.

Yes, the name looks like an expletive.

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Drink This Now: Excellent Rums with a Cuban Connection

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“You’ve never tried Havana Club?”

My friends were incredulous. Killing time on a stopover in Paris, we headed to famed expat hangout Harry’s New York Bar for an eye-opener. Over the years I’d sampled hundred of rums, but apparently, my education was incomplete without a couple of ounces of this iconic Cuban brand, dating back 80 years.

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