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#509 Yusaku Maezawa $3.91B

Random fact: Start Today was named after an album by punk band Gorilla Biscuits.


Maezawa is the president and largest shareholder of Start Today, a Japanese operator of internet shopping sites for apparel that also provides communication services for sites that include blogs by fashion moguls. The business had net sales of 54.4 million yen ($453.6 million) in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016.

As of Sept. 21, 2017:
Last change -$65.2M (-1.6%)
YTD change +$1.33B (+51.8%)
Industry Technology
Biggest asset 3092 JP Equity
Citizenship Japan
Age 41
Wealth Self-made
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The majority of Yusaku Maezawa's wealth is derived from his 37.7 percent stake in publicly traded Start Today, which is headquartered near Tokyo and operates internet shopping sites for apparel. He owns more than 121.4 million shares directly and has pledged 21 million shares, according to the company's May 2016 significant share filer.

He's made known art purchases of nearly $200 million, including $110.5 million for an untitled Jean-Michel Basquiat portrait in May 2017, as well as $9.7 million for Richard Prince's Runaway Nurse and $6.9 million for Jeff Koons's Lobster.

The value of his cash investments is based on an analysis of market performance, dividends and taxes.

Maiko Kondo, a Start Today public relations representative, declined to comment on the billionaire's public holdings and net worth calculation.


Birthdate: 11/22/1975
Family: Divorced, 3 children

Yusaku Maezawa was born in Japan on Nov. 22, 1975. After graduating Waseda Jitugyo High School, he left for the United States, where he collected CDs and records of bands he liked. Upon returning to Japan in 1995, he started a mail-order business selling CDs and records he'd acquired abroad. 

Following the success of his music business, Maezawa launched Start Today, a fashion e-commerce company, in 1998. Start Today operates Zozotown, the largest online fashion portal in Japan, according to the company website. It sells more than 3,500 brands through 867 online storefronts.

Start Today went public in 2007 and was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's start-up section in 2007. Five years later, it was moved to the first section.

Maezawa has made headlines for his art collecting-habits, spending $98 million within two days on art pieces sold at Christie's and Sotherby's in New York in 2016. He founded the Contemporary Art Foundation in Tokyo in 2012.

  • 1975 Born in Chiba, Japan.
  • 1995 Starts a mail-order CD and record business.
  • 1998 Establishes Start Today.
  • 2004 Launches online fashion portal Zozotown.
  • 2007 Start Today goes public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers.
  • 2012 Sets up the Contemporary Art Foundation in Tokyo.
  • 2012 Start Today gets listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.