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# Ursula Engelhorn

Random fact: Internship named after son Stefan Engelhorn, who died in 2002.


Ursula Engelhorn was the widow of Christof Engelhorn. He sold a 22.3 percent stake in family holding company Corange to Basel, Switzerland-based Roche Holding for $2.3 billion in 1998. Corange owned all of closely held German diagnostics manufacturer Boehringer Mannheim and 84 percent of US-based orthopedics maker DePuy.

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Family: Widowed, 1 child

Friedrich Engelhorn co-founded chemical company BASF, the world's biggest chemical company, in 1865, and acquired medical business Boehringer & Soehne 18 years later.

In 1974, Boehringer Mannheim -- which had been led by Friedrich's grandson Curt Engelhorn since 1960 -- bought Indianapolis-based Bio-Dynamics, which owned DePuy, a maker of orthopedic instruments. Curt Engelhorn formed Bermuda-based holding company Corange in 1985, and placed 84 percent of DePuy and all of Boehringer into the entity.

Swiss pharmaceutical conglomerate Roche Holdings bought Corange for $10.2 billion in cash in 1998. Curt's cousin, Christof Engelhorn, controlled a 22.3 percent stake in Corange, which netted him almost $2.3 billion. The year prior to the sale, Christof and his wife Ursula, moved to Lucerne, Switzerland.

Christof pledged 120 million Swiss francs ($137 million) to the Lucerne Festival of classical music in 2007. He died three years later and was survived by wife Ursula, their daughter and two grandchildren; their son Stefan died in 2002.

In the months after Christof's death, his family retracted the pledged festival donation. The Lucerne Festival sued the Engelhorns' Bermuda-based Butterfield Trust in 2011. The lawsuit was dismissed in 2014.

  • 1865 Friedrich Engelhorn co-founds chemical company BASF.
  • 1883 Buys Mannheim, Germany-based medical firm Boehringer & Soehne.
  • 1974 Boehringer Mannheim purchases Bio-Dynamics, owner of DePuy.
  • 1985 Engelhorn family holding company Corange established in Bermuda.
  • 1997 Ursula and Christof Engelhorn move to Lucerne, Switzerland.
  • 1997 Roche agrees to buy Corange, Boehringer and DePuy holding company.
  • 1998 Christof sells stake in Boehringer and DePuy to Roche for $2.3 billion.
  • 2002 Son Stefan Engelhorn dies; family endows curatorial internships at Harvard.
  • 2007 Engelhorn pledges 120 million Swiss francs to Lucerne Festival.
  • 2010 Christof Engelhorn dies, survived by wife, daughter and grandchildren.