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#440 Dan Olsson $4.40B

Random fact: Stena companies employ about 19,000 people.


Olsson is the chief executive officer and majority owner of Stena AB, a ferry business that transports more than 7 million passengers a year. Stena AB is part of Stena Sphere, a closely held shipping and exploration group based in Gothenburg, Sweden. It also controls a tanker fleet, an offshore drilling venture and Swedish real estate.

As of Sept. 22, 2017:
Last change +$21.1M (+0.5%)
YTD change +$792M (+22.0%)
Industry Industrial
Biggest asset Stena AB: Property
Citizenship Sweden
Age 69
Wealth Inherited
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The majority of Olsson's fortune is derived from his 51 percent ownership of three closely held Stena Sphere companies, Stena AB, Stena Sessan and Stena Metall, according to Stena AB's 2016 annual report. The company's ferry business transports more than 7 million passengers a year, according to its website.

Businesses within Stena are valued separately using Stena AB's 2016 annual report. The ferry lines, offshore drilling and shipping divisions are valued using the average enterprise value-to-Ebitda multiples of their closest public peers. Stena's real estate unit is valued using the market value of its holdings less debt held against these properties as of Dec. 31, 2016, according to the company's 2016 annual review. The finance and investment arms are valued using average price-to-book value multiples.

Stena Metall is valued as a single business unit, using the average enterprise value-to-Ebitda multiples of peers, Schnitzer Steel Industries and Commercial Metals.

Publicly traded positions held by Stena Sessan are valued using their stock prices and Olsson is credited with 51 percent of those holdings.

Olsson is credited with 51 percent of Stena's overall ownership in all the above calculations. His cash balance is derived from a 51 percent share of dividends paid to Stena shareholders, as disclosed in its annual reports, and includes his share of the proceeds from the sale of Stena's 21 percent holding in drugmaker Meda in August 2016.

No response was received to e-mailed requests for comment on Olsson's net worth sent to Stena's press office.


Birthdate: 1947
Family: Married, 3 children
Education: 1969, University of Gothenburg, MBA

Dan Sten Olsson took control of Stena AB, one of the flagship businesses of the Stena Sphere, in 1983. His father, Sten Allan Olsson, founded the first of the conglomerate's companies in 1946. He died in 2013.

Dan's siblings, Stefan and Madeleine, each own 24.5 percent of the Stena companies. The group employs about 19,000 people and has 183 seagoing vessels and 26,700 apartments and other properties, according to its website.

The Sten A Olsson Foundation for Research and Culture was founded in 1996 and supports organizations throughout western Sweden.

  • 1939 Father, Sten Allan Olsson, begins trading metal and rubber scrap.
  • 1946 Father builds first seaworthy ship from three near-wrecks.
  • 1962 Stena's first ferry route, from Sweden to Denmark, is established.
  • 1981 Stena's properties division is founded.
  • 1983 Dan Sten Olsson takes over the family business.
  • 1990 Stena acquires Sealink Ferries from British Rail.
  • 2013 Sten Allan Olsson dies.
  • 2015 Stena says it plans to cut more than 1,000 jobs.