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#51 Carl Icahn $19.7B

Random fact: Manhattan's Il Tinello restaurant offers pasta alla Icahn.


Icahn is a diversified investor with holdings in about 10 business segments including automotive, energy, gaming, real estate and food packaging. His investments are made through publicly traded Icahn Enterprises and closely held Icahn Partners. Icahn Enterprises had revenue of more than $16 billion in 2016.

As of Feb. 25, 2018:
Last change +$120M (+0.6%)
YTD change +$513M (+2.7%)
Industry Diversified
Biggest asset IEP US Equity
Citizenship United States
Age 81
Wealth Self-made
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Icahn owns 93 percent of Icahn Enterprises, a master limited partnership and diversified holding company, according to a Dec. 20, 2017 Form 4 filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

The billionaire invests his personal funds through several entities, including Icahn Partners, in which Icahn Enterprises is the only other investor, according to annual SEC disclosures. The value of Icahn Partners' holdings is disclosed in Icahn Enterprises regulatory filings about once a quarter.

Icahn invests in equities, futures, options and debt through High River, a series of entities that are held apart from Icahn Enterprises and Icahn Partners. These personal investment assets are valued based on information provided by a person familiar with the company's investments who asked not to be identified because the transactions are private.

Icahn sold XO Holdings to Verizon for $1.8 billion in a deal that closed in February 2017. Taxes are applied to the sale proceeds. Verizon holds an option in the purchase the spectrum of Icahn-owned NextLink Wireless for $200 million, according to Verizon spokesman Robert Varettoni in a September 2016 phone call.

Icahn also has many long-held assets that are difficult to value, including railcar company ACF, which he acquired in the 1980s. These are included in cash and other assets based on information provided by the person familiar with Icahn's investments who asked not to be identified.


Birthdate: 2/16/1936
Family: Married, 2 children
Education: 1957, Bachelor's Degree, Philosophy, Princeton University

Born in Queens to a synagogue cantor and a high school teacher, Icahn attended public school before enrolling at Princeton to study philosophy. After stints in medical school and the army, he discovered his passion lay in investing. Icahn started on Wall Street in 1961 as a registered sales representative and leveraged his client base to form his own brokerage firm by decade's end.

He began taking individual positions in companies in 1978, making his mark in 1984 with a large stake in Texaco during its failed merger with Pennzoil. His ensuing proxy fights with TWA, Nabisco, Gulf & Western and Uniroyal landed him the moniker of corporate raider, a title he shuns. Often controversial, his activist investing usually pays off. He doubled his money on Texaco in the 1980s, cleared $800 million on Nabisco and has made almost $3 billion on CVR Energy.

Today, his fortune is split between holdings in publicly traded Icahn Enterprises, his family office Icahn Partners, in which Icahn Enterprises invests (outside investor money was returned in 2011) and personal investments including a wide collection of assets encompassing real estate and railcars.

Recipients of his charitable giving include shelters for single mothers, medical facilities and public and private educational institutions in the New York City region.

  • 1936 Carl Celian Icahn is born in Bayswater, Queens, N.Y.
  • 1957 Graduates from Princeton University with a degree in philosophy.
  • 1961 Hired by Dreyfus & Co. as a registered representative.
  • 1968 Borrows $400,000 to buy NYSE seat, starts brokerage Icahn & Co.
  • 1979 Wins first proxy fight over stove maker Tappan for 193 percent profit.
  • 1985 Takes over airline TWA. Begins buying regional airlines.
  • 2011 Exits the hedge fund business after returning $1.76 billion to investors.
  • 2013 Buys almost $2 billion in Dell stock as company plans to go private.